Bidoun Harf Collection تشكيلة بدون حرف

بدون حرف

ملهمة من النقاط في الحروف العربية

هذه التصاميم هي تأمل في النقاط بعيداً عن حروفها
نقاط من الالماس على صفحات من الذهب

تابع النقاط. اكتشف تصميمك

Bidoun Harf

An admiration of the dots in the Arabic letters.

This line experiments with dots without their
letters. Diamond dots stand bold against gold

Follow the dots. Find your design.

سوار نقطة
Nuqta Bracelet

سوار نقاط العائمة
Nuqat Alaema Bracelet

حلق نقاط العائمة
Nuqat Alaema Earrings

خاتم نقاط العائمة
Nuqat Alaema Ring

قلادة نقاط العائمة
Nuqat Alaema Necklace

خاتم نقطة
Nuqta Ring 

خاتم نقطة
Nuqta Ring 

قلادة نقطة
Nuqta Necklace

قلادة نقطة
Nuqta Necklace

خاتم نقطة
Nuqta Ring

خاتم نقطة
Nuqta Ring

حلق نقطة
Nuqta Earrings

حلق نقطة
Nuqta Earrings

سوار نقطة
Nuqta Bracelet

Bidoun Harf Collection is exclusively sold at Qirdala Jewelry Boutique.
Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh. Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 22256730 

Bain Al Harf Collection تشكيلة بين الحرف

بين لحرف

ملهمه من الاشكال الجميله للحروف العربيه

هذه التصاميم هي تأمل في الحروف العربية مختلفة الاشكال
اجزاء من الحروف تداخلت لتهدينا تصاميم جديدة، معبر
عن حروف جديدة

اختر حرفك. ليصبح لك. وليحمل روايتك

Bain Al Harf

An admiration of the fluid shapes of Arabic letters

This line experiments with the different elements
of Arabic letter. Parts of letters are connected,
creating new designs - new letters

Choose your letter. Make it yours. Give it your story.

حرف ١
Harf 1

حرف ٢
Harf 2

حرف ٣
Harf 3

حرف ٤
Harf 4

حرف ٥
Harf 5

حرف ٦
Harf 6  

حرف ٧
Harf 7

حرف ٨
Harf 8

حرف ٩
Harf 9

حرف ١٠
Harf 10

Bain Al Harf Collection is exclusively sold at Qirdala Jewelry Boutique.
Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh. Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 22256730 

Dangling Letter Chain Earrings

    Rose gold earrings with 2 diamonds د

     Rose gold earrings with 2 diamonds ع

     Rose gold earrings with 2 diamonds هـ

     Rose gold earrings with 4 diamonds أ

     Rose gold earrings with 2 diamonds ل

     Rose gold earrings with 4 diamonds ن

    Rose gold earrings with 8 diamonds ش

Valentines Bracelet Design 2012

Rose gold with 1 Diamond and 1 heart-shaped semi-precious stone
Concept: the word حب (English "Love")

Price: 175 KD

* Last day to order the Valentines bracelet is February 9th.  

The Infinite Ring

My oldest sister came to me, when I just started taking orders of customized jewelry, and asked me to custom-design a ring for her husband in celebration of their 7th marriage anniversary. The only thing she mentioned is that she wanted it to be wide with their first initials, and the number 7. The letters are “ع” for عمر (Omar) and “ب” for بسمه (Besma).   I wanted the ring to be personal for only Besma and Omar; representing them as a married couple. To me, a ring tells a lot about the person wearing it. Since I know my brother-in-law very well, I know exactly what he would love to wear.   As I mentioned before, my sister said that he would love it if the ring is wide. Wide rings sometimes can be uncomfortable to wear, so I decided on having a 1 cm wide ring, and have the two letters and the number 7 to be within the given measurement. I wanted the design to reflect my personal design sense with elegance, yet in a masculine way. A little bit of May in it as I always say.
 I chose a typeface for a template on designing my own calligraphy; it has modern structured elements and is more geometrical, and is less feminine. There is no specific front or backside of the ring; it could be worn on all sides. The two letters are on one side near each other, and the number 7 is on the opposite side. The sides between the letters and the number are plain. There is a small gap between the two letters, which represent a stop sign. It means that their marriage is infinite and it’s only between these two letters. The number 7 is between Besma and Omar, which represent their attachment for 7 years.

All You Need is Love

Yes my family and friends supported me to start my jewelry business. But mostly I think its love. I'm in love, and that's all I need! I love every single piece I sold. I sketched the design and saw it executed into a beautiful piece. It hurts just a little bit to sell it away, but I'm more pleased to see it worn and cherished. My goal is to make people happy and feel special. I want people to see how personal it is to me to design jewelry just for them. Every piece I have designed and sold has little bit of May in them.